Research activities


In GTM a significant amount of our effort goes to theoretical and numerical studies of magnetic confinement fusion plasmas, in support of the European fusion programme. The main areas of expertise and research are topics of critical importance for the success of the fusion programme, and of ITER in particular:


  • Energetic particle driven instabilities and transport
  • Plasma momentum transport and intrinsic rotation
  • Scrape-Off Layer turbulence
  • Integrated Tokamak Modelling.


The group dedicates also some attention to more fundamental aspects in plasma physics such as magnetic reconnection and wave propagation in plasmas.

The group has consolidated competences on analytical theory, numerical modelling and direct interpretation of experimental data, providing a symbiotic, diverse and productive research environment.

A substantial fraction of our research is carried out within international collaborations such as experiments at JET and other EU and US Tokamak devices and key work packages of EUROfusion consortium